A New YouTuber In Your Neighborhood!


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May 9, 2016
A New YouTuber In Your Neighborhood! Haha yes! Well I am Newbiezo I do bunch of stuffs! Mainly what I Like to do and ofcourse To help you grow! Want a Detail Info Of My Channel??
Welcome to my Channel Newbiezo™
This Channel will be all about the everyday help about:
➡Youtube Help
➡ Vlogs
➡How-to and much much more!
I promise to have my videos of ➥Best Quality and Ofcourse having a ➥Quality Content.
Being still in High School am punched with loads of Home-Work But yet I would surely be Consistent and Regular in my Uploads!
Every Youtuber has their Goals and Aspiration..and in them my Goal is to have a Vast Community Of Newbiezo!
My aspiration is to help the every new youtuber who steps in this vast world of YouTube!

Schedule: 2-3 Videos per Week

✌ Want to Contact me??
Facebook : www.facebook.com/newbiezo
Twitter : Follow me @IINewbiezoII
Skype : Newbiezo
Email : benewbiezo@gmail.com (Collaborations Accepted!)

Hey This is not any other Fuzzy thread telling you to Subscribe me! I just want you to check out my content and see if that helps you and if it does! You are free to support me!
Give this new youtuber a try and spread your love!
Peace !